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True high-availability

Instant failover—if a node fails, data is instantly served from a replacement node in a seamless manner and without human intervention.


Scale and Grow

Scale vertically by choosing from a range of plans . Plans differ based on the size of their hot-data-set, the portion of data available and optimized on-the-fly in high speed RAM. When the time comes, scale horizontally by adding read-only followers that stay up-to-date with the master database.


Fully-automated service

Forget instances, clusters, scaling, data persistence / high availability settings, and failure recovery—select a plan and all the rest is taken care of by us!


Highly secured

Connections are encrypted by the all new ECDSA and TLS 1.3 technics, increasing security and speed. You don’t have to choose anymore between security or speed, you get both of them.

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